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JKA Europe Cup 2024

April 6th 2024

Thank you

The 26th edition of the JKA Europe Cup is over. 


From our organization we would like to thank you as a participating country for your extensive presence, your immense commitment and your positive attitude during this championship.


Thanks to all of you, there was a particularly strong and extensive field of participants. This allowed us to see beautiful camps, both in kata and kumite and both individually and per team. We hope that you - together with us - can look back on this European JKA Championship with pride.

We wish you all the best of luck at the JKA World Championships in Japan in October! 

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Pictures & video

📸 A special thank you to our photographers for capturing the magic of our event and providing us with stunning albums!

- Heidi Nolf: Facebook 1 - Facebook 2 - Album

- Filip Vercruysse: Facebook

- Luca Viscardi: Facebook - Album

Videos on Youtube via Karate-do Focus


Foreword by President of JKA Europe

I am honored on behalf of JKA Europe to write this foreword for the 2024 JKA European Championships.


It is with mixed emotions that we approach this competition. The very sad passing this year of our Chief Instructor Jorgen Bura Shihan still weighs heavy but I know he would wish us to continue training and to show at the Championship our very best karate.


Our immense thanks must go to JKA Belgium for agreeing to take on the challenge of hosting the event at very short notice. I would also like to express my gratitude to the Referees, Timekeepers and Marshals who have given up their time to make this, what I am sure will be, a successful and memorable 2024 JKA European Championships.


Finally, I wish everyone competing the best of luck and I have no doubt that their dedication and hard work will show those watching in the venue and further afield just how good JKA European karate can be.


Very best regards

Tony Cronk

President JKA Europe

Unleash success together: 
Let's make it happen!


Foreword by Chief Instructor JKA Belgium

During the installation of Sugiura Shihan as Chief Instructor of the JKA in 1991 in Gifu (Japan), the first foundations were laid for starting a JKA organization in Europe.


I was immediately assigned the task of secretary, to contact all countries and to organize a meeting. Under the leadership of the late Enoeda Shihan, together with Miyazaki Shihan, Ochi Shihan, Sugimura Shihan and Bura Shihan, we started the foundation of JKA Europe in 1993.


It was an honour for both me and Belgium to organize the very first JKA Europe Cup in Belgium in 1996. As Technical Secretary of JKA Europe, it is once again an honour for me to be able to organize this event in Belgium again after 30 years.


This is an event that has held us together for 30 years in JKA Europe. For this, I would like to thank all countries that have participated faithfully over all these years and have ensured unity and camaraderie, which is unique in this world in general and in the JKA karate world in particular.

In the meantime, we have had to say goodbye to many of the founders. Let this championship be a tribute to these people. And may the experience and wisdom we have acquired from our masters be an incentive to maintain that unity and an example for the young ones.

All this should motivate us to form a solid foundation for the future. That this championship is the beginning of the continuation of unity and camaraderie between all countries of JKA Europe.

I would also like to thank the entire team who have pulled this championship out of their hat in a very short time.


Sergio Gneo
Chief instructor JKA Belgium

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