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Join us for the JKA Europe Cup 2024, a thrilling event showcasing top-notch JKA karate. Take advantage of our Early Bird offer, available until Thursday, February 15, 2024.


Sports Hall Sport Vlaanderen Gent

Zuiderlaan 14, 9000 Gent


The official name is Sport Vlaanderen Gent commonly known as “Topsporthal Gent”.

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Service announcement - Tickets

Seats are not numbered. You can take your seat freely. There is a number on each ticket but it is not linked to a fixed seat. 


There are two entrances
- one for visitors & VIPs
- one for athletes, coaches, referees & officials

Bring your ticket (with QR code) via your smartphone or on paper. It's NOT possible to buy ticket at the entrance. 

Seats are not numbered. You can take your seat freely. There is a number on each ticket but it is not linked to a fixed seat. 

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Several car parks are available at the Sport Vlaanderen Gent site. Parking that will be available to the public are: 

  • Parking along the water (Zuiderlaan / Watersportbaan)

  • Parking Vlaams Wielercentrum Eddy Merckx (Parking Oost) - 650 metres walking distance to the entrance

Parking in front of the event hall is not possible. Please use the car parks provided. (We provide a separate car park for delegations coming by private transport)

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Buy your souvenir from our event

We will provide a stand with merchandising where you can purchase T-shirts and towels with the logo of this championship. Be quick as numbers are limited. 


For purchases of karate equipment, please visit our Booth sponsor Budohouse! 

Time schedule - supporters/visitors

Saturday, 6th April 2024

  • 26th JKA – European Championships juniors and seniors Location: Sports Hall Sport Vlaanderen Gent

  • Doors open at 8.15 am (!!! Be on time. We expect 1600 visitors)

  • Start at 9:00 am (Team kata & individual kata & kumite)

  • Opening ceremony: 3:30 pm

  • Finals at 4:00 pm

    End scheduled around 7:00 pm

For (Belgian) supporters, a meet & greet is provided after the medal ceremony. Photos with the Belgian athletes or other countries will be possible after the podium ceremony. 

Competition area

Only registered people (with badge) will be allowed to enter the competition area & warm-up area. Only photos & videos can be taken from the stands. 

Official photographers will be present. Albums will also be shared via our website and socials afterwards.


Only registered press & photographers with a badge can enter the competition arena. 


Foreword by President of JKA-Belgium

Dear karateka,


As the president of JKA Belgium, I wish you a warm welcome to Ghent, Belgium for the 26th edition of the JKA Europe Cup.


It was a bit of a shock when we were asked to take over the organization of the JKA Europe Cup 2024 at the end of last year. With good courage and motivation, our organization decided to accept the challenge. We can't offer the warmth of Spain, but we have plenty of assets to welcome you warmly.


Sport and culture are often closely connected. Being the capital of the province of East Flanders, Ghent also has some historical assets to play. The historical city center is undoubtedly a must-see for anyone visiting our Burgundian city for the very first time.


JKA Belgium has a special link with this JKA Europe Cup, and the late S. Miyazaki Shihan has something to do with that. S. Miyazaki Shihan once dreamed of uniting all European JKA karateka as one big European JKA family. That's why Belgium has previously hosted the JKA Europe Cup, namely: for the very first edition in 1996 and once again in 2014.

Today, we are extremely proud to welcome you for the third time!


We hope you will be satisfied with the sports arena where this European JKA championship will take place. It is a sports arena where international activities are organized almost weekly. However, it will be the very first time that the kiai’s of international karateka will echo.


It's up to you to seek eternal glory either by excelling in the perfection of kata or by scoring the ultimate and imaginative ippon during the kumite final. We wish you all the best of luck in preparing for this championship.


See you on Saturday, 6th April 2024, at the Sport Vlaanderen Gent sports arena for the European JKA Championship. We hope that you will deliver a great competition and may the best win!


Andy Willaert

President JKA Belgium

Time schedule - for countries

Friday, 5th April 2024

  • Arrival of delegations.
    Registration at the registration desk*: from 11:00 till 19:00 - HQ Hotel Van der Valk

  • Referee course.
    From 10:00 till 11.30 and from 14.00 till 15.30
    Registration* at 9:30
    All referees must present a valid international JKA Judges license.

  • Training facilities.
    From 13:00 till 17:30

  • Briefing head coaches. At 16:00-17:00 - HQ Hotel Van der Valk Hotel

  • General meeting with all nations Chief Instructors. At 18:00-20:00 - HQ Hotel Van der Valk Hotel
    Exact timing will follow.
    Every nation has only 1 vote. The name of the representative with the vote must be announced before.

Saturday, 6th April 2024

  • 26th JKA – European Championships juniors and seniors Location: Sports Hall Sport Vlaanderen Gent

    Start at 9:00
    Finals at 16:00
    End scheduled around 19:00

  • Sayonara party, dinner and entertainment


Sunday, 7th April 2024

Departure of all delegations.

Departure of all delegations.

Book your tickets now!

Time is ticking...! Don't miss your chance to witness the action live. Secure your seats today and be part of the magic!

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