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We extend heartfelt thanks to our invaluable sponsors for making this European championship possible. Explore our sponsor dossier to join us in creating unforgettable moments and fostering community spirit. Your support makes a lasting impact.

With the decision to host this in such an ambitious timeline, your support is more pivotal than ever. It becomes an integral part of the narrative that turns this challenge into an unforgettable experience for all.

Main Sponsors

JKA-E-2024-019_Geo Solutions.png
JKA-E-2024-020_Nationale Loterij.png


JKA-E-2024-034_Accountantskantoor Reynders&Co.jpg
JKA-E-2024-036_Colruyt Group.jpg

Friend of JKA Europe Cup

JKA-E-2024-026_Laurens van Puyenbroeck bv.png
JKA-E-2024-015_Roof Solutions.png
JKA-E-2024-010_JKA Sawada.jpg

Fan of JKA Europe Cup

JKA-E-2024-003_Taisho Lede.jpg
JKA-E-2024-014_VP Electro Technics.jpg
JKA-E-2024-013_KC Dinant.png
JKA-E-2024-021_Hajime Heule.png
JKA-E-2024-024_Actief Interim.png
JKA-E-2024-028_KC Marchienne-au-Pont.jpg
JKA-E-2024-037_JKA CEK.JPG
JKA-E-2024-032_Christoph Meeuws.jpg
JKA-E-2024-034_Forward travel NV.png
JKA-E-2024-040_Sportwerk Vlaanderen.png

Booth sponsor

JKA-E-2024-027_Budo House.png

Wrist band sponsor

JKA-E-2024-012_Anglo Belgian Corproration.png

Also thanks to...

​Club shuto Boussu, Coach sportif spécialisé – Pierre Delfante, JKA Mouscron, Tastevin, No Ichigo Landegem...

Download our sponsorship package now!

Embark on a partnership journey with us! Our Sponsorship Package holds the key to exclusive opportunities, brand visibility, and a front-row seat to the excitement. Discover how your brand or club can shine at the JKA Europe Cup 2024.

Your support (for amounts less than 275 euros) is also very much appreciated and can be deposited into the bank account BE09 0019 6726 2757 
 of the JKA Europe Cup 2024 with the reference 'name - sponsorship'.

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